Making Doorway Pages Is Bad SEO

Every search engine optimization specialist knows what a doorway page is and that it is a bad SEO technique. It is used to mislead online visitors and search engines. Yet we come across many such pages all the time.

Doorway pages are basically web pages that are made for spamdexing the indexing of a search engine. It involves a number of methods to manipulate the relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by a search engine. This is done by inserting results for specific pages with the intention of sending the visitors to a different page. We often come across pages while browsing the internet that just says nothing but "Click Here to Enter". Well almost all of such pages are doorway pages. Also visitors often notice that as they click a certain link from a search engine results page one gets directed quickly with a metaflash to a different page.

Some of the other names given for doorway pages are,

  • Bridge pages,
  • Portal pages,
  • Zebra pages
  • Jump pages,
  • Gateway pages,
  • Entry pages

Cloaking is another trick used to redirect the visitor to another page even without their knowledge." Doorway pages that redirect visitors without their knowledge use some form of cloaking. It is technique of tricking the visitor into clicking because some search engines give penalty for using the META refresh command. Dynamic doorway pages can also be made using scripting languages such as Perl and PHP or by the use of Javascript for redirection.



Other methods used for making doorway pages include the use of search engine friendly navigation and keyword stuffing in the web page content. Webmasters are also known to submit a page, and then swap it on the server with the "actual" page once a good page rank position is achieved. This is a dangerous practice known as "code swapping" and can result in penalties.

Doorway pages and bad SEO tactics are nothing to cherish; it makes you a blackhat SEO professional and it is never a justified technique but an unjust trick.

The author of this article is Ricci Mathew of Outsource Strategies International (OSI) , a US based company that offers services in Search Engine Optimization , SEM, PPC advertising for clients across the US.


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