Factors to be Considered in SEO Services

Major tasks related with SEO Services are concerned with designing, content optimization, defining of meta tags, selection and analysis of keywords, and preparation of reports etc. You need to put emphasis on all these in order to successfully promote a website while offering SEO Services to the clients.

Many designers put all the important text in the form of an image. No doubt it looks attractive to the user but from search engine point of view it is not beneficial.

Many users do not put title and description tags on their web pages. The title tag is most important and it indicates about the content of the web page. So it is advisable not to leave or ignore the title tag otherwise you are loosing a good optimization opportunity. Similarly description tag is important. If you make a compelling description it will urge people to click to your website. Thus both title and description are important aspects of SEO Services.

Generally people put the same title and description tags on all the pages. It should be understood that every page is unique. As you can not mention all the keywords just on one page, so it is advisable to optimize a single page by mentioning one or two search terms in the title tag. This gives you the opportunity to use all your keywords thoroughly in different pages of the website.

When you redesign an existing site do not neglect the old urls because it is the old urls that attract traffic and search engines index those pages and people find those pages based on that information which search engines compiled from it.



Put the quality content in the website. You can not go with the website putting just a few pages with general descriptions about your company. It is necessary to mention the reviews and information to the consumers, users and customers. Try to make your site as a valuable resource. Both humans and search engines will recognize your site when you provide reliable and authoritative information in it. So the factor reliable and appropriate content can not be ignored in SEO Services.

Do put the company name in the title tag. People come to your website through popular keywords not via your company name. In case you want to brand your company put it in the else where in content and description.

Do not try to deceive the search engines with hidden text, cloaking or doorway pages. These methods do not work nowadays and you can be banned from search engine indices.

Generally many people do not use local keywords. As the competition in general keywords is too much, so it is better to optimize the website also for your local and regional keywords and this gives you a better chance of being found by people who need your products and services.

Rajeev Guglani writes articles for SEO. He has vast exposure in writing for Web Promotions. He is working for NDDW. For Website Promotion, Internet Marketing and SEO Services India visit http://www.nddw.com


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