New SEO Term - Spibalance

I've been doing SEO for a very long time now so I thought of helping webmasters with a very common issue. The problem is that most webmasters see their site jumping in and out of the index. Today you check and your website is in the index. Next day you wake up in the morning and guess what, your website is no longer there. So why does this happen?

You are not giving spiders what they want.

A similar thing happens when sometimes you are ranked on page three for a keyword, then you go back to page nine, then again to page three and so forth. Your rankings sort of play around, you never know where your website really ranks.

In both cases above, one very common thing is happening which I refer to as spibalance.

Just like a balance calculates which side has the largest weight so do spiders. The balance in our case has your website on one side and what spiders require in order to index your website on the other side. When you give them enough of what they need the side with your website on goes down. In other words you get indexed.

If you do not give spiders what they want, the balance will remain neutral and you do not get indexed. So what is that they want to index your website?

It is backlinks.

Now at first you start getting backlinks bit by bit, so the balance starts moving from side to side, sometimes you hit the target and you get indexed. But then again you get de indexed until you have completely out weighed the spiders requirements to index you. Think of the requirements as lots of backlinks located on the other side of the balance.

This same thing does apply to your rankings as well.



But instead of just backlinks, there are other factors that you need to give spiders in order to get the rankings and keep your position. Then improving as well your rankings. In this case the requirements to improve your rankings may increase as well, depends on what your competitors are doing. If you are going to outrank them, you need to get more links then they are getting. Aim to do better then what they are doing because on the balance spiders requirements most often are exactly what the websites that are in the number one position have.

This means the number of links, the quality, the anchor text they use and so forth.

To get indexed for example you do not need to worry about what anchor text to use.

However understand the concept, give the spiders what they want and remember when this happens it is because you are on a spibalance. You learn how many backlinks is enough by experience. Usually doing article submission to a hundred websites is enough. Directory submission is less powerful so you may want to do more submissions than just a hundred, probably a thousand.

Article submission can be done using software. This should be done on regular basis, because it is not just good to get indexed but also to improve your rankings.

This is easy, the bottom line is the more backlinks you get the better. Then it depends on you and the amount of work you can do.

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