SEO Keywords - Picking SEO Keywords

In most situations of your communications you can select different words to communicate with and not worry about the nuances of those words. But that's not true when it comes to selecting search engine keywords – the wrong keyword can land you on page 4000 instead of page 1! You want to get the right SEO keywords for what you want to do. Here are a few considerations to help you in your SEO keyword selection:

Vying for Keywords. If you pick the same keywords as other people, you are competing with them for page one of the search engine's results for that keyword. If there's only one other person that's not a problem, but if there are 10,000, then it is a problem. In a perfect world (which it isn't) you would want words with very little competition. If you're a very local bakery in New York, a keyword of “plumber” puts you in competition with every plumber in the internet world. Instead, maybe it's better to select a keyword like “New York Plumber”.

Making It Relevant. The problem with avoiding competition is making your keywords relevant. You want to be relevant. Using a keyword like “household copper tubing specialists” probably has little competition but, if you want to attract customer for your plumbing services, it also has less relevance. That's because fewer people are likely to use that term.

Don't Fib. Search Engines aren't idiots. If you include a keyword like “Microsoft” or “IBM” they can figure out whether it's truly relevant. Don't try play them for fools.

Think Of ALL the Uses. There are nuances. Searching for “Plumbing,” “Plumber,” and “Plumbers” yields three different sets of results. Cover all the bases.



All in all, SEO keyword selection is basically just common sense. The more specific the word, the more specific the results. But be general and you get general results (and a lot of competition, too!)

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