Professional SEO Blogging Tips

Blogging is a unique kind of SEO technique. There are proven SEO blogging techniques that one can apply, so that more and more people enter our website. As more people read our blogs it will help to achieve our objectives and we can also give good value to our site visitors/clients. What are these SEO blogging techniques?

The foremost point to remember is to choose good blog software. (like Blogger / WordPress etc). However some blogs might require exclusive customized blog software which can be built from scratch. With such an option it becomes possible to design functions of user accounts that can suit one's unique business/ service requirements. Here is a small checklist that can help starter bloggers.



  • Participate actively in other blogs/ forums within your industry
  • Have a clear cut idea and decisions with regards to your brand/business at the outset itself as it is difficult to change.
  • Hosting blog on a different domain is a mistake as this will not attract links, attention, and publicity, trust or search rankings.
  • Provide links only whenever necessary
  • Distribute content with feeds
  • Offering something unique in your blog is a primary requirement to be a premier blog.
  • Do a little SEO research before settling for a particular title.
  • Edit, edit and EDIT before publishing
  • Choose the comment option slowly after gaining some steady traffic
  • Content must be ideally tagged
  • Try to provide answers and solutions on your blog.
  • Have a web 2 (open source) mind set that will be appreciated
  • Create interest and motivate
  • Use podcasts / videos if found convenient
  • Put ads sparingly on blog
  • Update blog periodically, consistently and daily if possible

The author of this article is Ricci Mathew of Outsource Strategies International (OSI) , a US based company that offers services in Search Engine Optimization , SEM, PPC advertising for clients across the US.


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