SEO Ghostwriter - Get Lots Of Free Traffic For Years

You may be among the people who have been mislead by the pieces of writing I occasionally come across that swear that promotional SEO (search engine optimized) keyword-rich articles do not generate much traffic and that ghostwriters are a waste of time and money.

It is rather obvious that the folks involved in this kind of misinformation are not even aware of the fact that just by using the right keywords a simple article posted on any blog or web site can attract tons of traffic. Neither do they have any clue about seo ghostwriters who know what they are doing posting articles at leading article directories with three key objectives in mind, rather than one. The three are as follows;

1) Generate immediate links with the right anchor text pointing at your site for SEO reasons.

2) To launch a possible viral campaign where other webmasters and bloggers will re-post the articles at their sites with the links intact thus generating a constant flow of one way back links pointing to your site for SEO reasons.

3) To get immediate traffic and future traffic from your articles in article directories. This can only happen when you carefully select the right keyword phrases.



My assumption is that what the poor misinformed guys did was that they just wrote a couple of articles and posted them all over the place in some article directories expecting some miracles, which obviously never came. What frustrated them even more is when they go further end up spending a lot of their time re-posting the same articles in dozens of different article directories (I usually post my articles in only ONE article directory and duplicate content concerns is only one of the many reasons why I do this). The amateur ghostwriters who get involved in this kind of useless activity hardly have any SEO skills. So what would you honestly expect?

The truth is that any ghostwriter with adequate SEO skills is the most effective and yet cheapest route to getting tons of high targeted traffic for any website or blog for years to come. It is also the short cut to high affiliate revenues from programs like the popular Google Adsense program amongst others.

To be very honest with you, I often wonder why it has taken so long for folks to realize what is going on here. I do not use any other form of marketing and promotion for my online businesses other than SEO articles. Most readers will know that I have no day job and earn a living only from my online enterprises.

The greatest proof that I know what I am saying and that what I do works is the fact that you are here reading this article.

Just dream for a moment of placing a small web advertisement now and then forgetting about it even as it continues to give you a huge steady response for many years to come. This is exactly what a useful SEO ghostwritten promotional article will do for you and your site. If you do a little calculation you will realize that whatever you end up paying for that article, as you continue to attract clicks and targeted traffic the cost per hit will usually quickly dwindle up to a point where you will have regained your entire investment and will be receiving highly profitable targeted traffic for free.

Besides the traffic you receive in this way will be made up of mostly red-hot leads. Pre-selling whatever it is that you have on offer on your site will mean that a significant percentage of readers will arrive there ready to buy. Any experienced seo ghostwriter can generate the kind of promotional articles that will keep the cash till at your site ringing like crazy. ( Continued )

Use this experienced SEO ghostwriter to generate traffic to your site at a cost that is much lower than you think (which you will recover anyway). Check out my seo ghostwriter rates NOW.


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