Anchor Text SEO

Most of us have a topic, a niche, a subject (what ever you want to call it) we cover on our sites or blogs. We also want visitors that are interested in these subjects to come to our site, in other words we want targeted traffic. When someone is looking for something in any search engine, they type in a keyword. Now when they do this they get a list of sponsored and organic results, that are relevant to the keyword which was typed into the search box.

Now how do you get your site to show up in the organic results for your keyword? What is it exactly that makes your site move up in the organic results for that certain keyword? Well to start off a lot of things combined together help you move up in rank for your term, just having the keyword written over and over on your site is not going to do the trick.

I want to focus on something that does, and is highly responsible for the keyword your site shows up for. Yesterday we spoke about the importance of backlinks and how Google ranks you according to them. Now I want to talk about anchor text.What is anchor text? To put it in simplest terms, anchor text is the clickable text on the link and is meant to describe the page the link will take you to. Using your keyword as anchor text greatly helps you come up higher in the results for the keyword your optimizing for.



Whenever you do a link exchange make sure you tell the webmaster your link details along with your anchor text. Whenever you write an article to submit, make sure you link back with your anchor text instead of just your link by itself. Do this for every link exchange you do for that one special keyword that describes your niche the best, and over time your rank will go up for this keyword in the search engines.

This works because the way Google indexes web pages is through links, and the text on the link provides Google's bot information on what the page the link is going to take it to is about. This allows faster and better indexing of your site on Google. This also applies to links within your site, what you title your posts, the name you give your categories and pages. If you can somehow include your keyword in these titles, your site will be better indexed for that term.

So before you start making up eye catching titles for the post or categories you have on your site, ask yourself...Is this anchor text (title) whats best for this post SEO wise? And if the answer is no, I would recommend trying to come up with one that is.


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