SEO - The Best Links Come Naturally

No one disputes the power of back links to improve you search engine ranking. In fact, there are tons of people making money by falsely inflating your back links. Ultimately, however, most of these methods fail to give you good links and if you push it too close to to the edge, Google may slap you right up the side of your head.

The best and most effective links are the natural ones that come from sites that come from quality sources and by nature of the site content are supportive and you are currently reading the best way to produce those links.

Yes, I am talking about article marketing. Everyone knows the value of article marketing. It makes you recognized as an expert in your niche and also produces trust between you and your readers. One of the real values that we sometime fail to recognize is the great links that it produces from blogs and websites that publish your article.

This is the epitome of a good natural link and when the search engines rank you site, you will find that your ranking grows exponentially with the number of quality articles that have published your work on their blog or site.

As an example, everyone knows that the search engines do not look kindly upon opt-in pages but, after just a couple of dozen published articles on one set of keywords, one squeeze page of mine went from impossible to find in the thousands of results to being within a couple of pages at the top of the list. That doesn't sound like much but, when you realize that we are talking about a non-seo optimized squeeze page, you can begin to see how important article marketing is.



So, get to work. Write some good interesting articles and not only develop a reputation for expertise and trust but, produce those back links that the search engines love so dearly. One note of caution, be consistent and try to produce an article a day. From personal experience, if you don't do this on a daily basis, you will see your site rankings drop just as fast as they rose. In this business, you are only remembered for what you did last and if you take a week off from article marketing, your search engine rankings will drop just as fast as they grew.

Stan Pontiere has been an online marketer since 1997. At first part-time and then full-time since 2004. For further information on Marketing on a Shoestring please visit: or my blog at: Please feel free to reprint this article as long as the article and resource information are left in tact.


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